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Trauma treatment tailored to you and your needs.

Trauma is our brain’s response to events that shocked us and overwhelmed our ability to cope. Trauma can leave many difficult emotions in its wake, including feelings of helplessness, low self-esteem, and anxiety. When we think of trauma, we tend to think about war veterans, car crashes and violent encounters. However, unfortunately, trauma is far more all-encompassing than that. Childhood neglect, becoming famous overnight or even relationship breakdowns can all be traumatic if they ‘shock’ the individual’s nervous system.

At Paracelsus Recovery, our trauma treatment is centred on intensive psychotherapy and restoring your mind-body relationship. Upon arrival, we carry out an in-depth assessment procedure to identify all medical, psychological and physical issues associated with the trauma. We will design an individualised and bespoke treatment plan based on the results of these tests.


Trauma occurs when our innate sense of personal safety is invaded or eradicated. It manifests differently in each person but typically invokes immense panic and stress that overwhelms our nervous system. Consequently, our fight-or-flight response stays 'activated' even after the incident has ended.

Despite trying to adapt, even over time, our sense of security is still displaced, and we continue living in fear. Our emotions may also shut down when these feelings become overwhelming. This leads to us feeling detached and numb.

Symptoms of trauma can include: 

  • Severe panic or anxiety.
  • Intrusive thoughts, flashbacks or nightmares.
  • Avoidance of places, activities or feelings that are associated with the traumatic event.
  •  Dissociation or a feeling of being disconnected from one’s self and surroundings.
  • Feelings of resentment, anger or rage.
  • Physical issues that have no physical cause such as headaches, nausea, fatigue, shortness of breath or muscle tension.
  • Feelings of hopelessness and a negative outlook on life.
  • Feeling constantly on the lookout for danger (hypervigilance).
  • Finding oneself stuck in a pattern of traumatic experiences (e.g. if an individual suffered abuse during their childhood, the abuse could become normalised and repeated later in life).

How We Address Trauma

At Paracelsus Recovery, We can help you process the hurt that follows a traumatic event. As a clinic that caters exclusively to ultra-wealthy people, we have long standing experience helping clients recover from wealth-specific trauma.

We will tailor-make a treatment program to suit your specific needs to overcome the complex PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and rebalance your stress levels. We only cater to one client at a time so that we can focus all our energy and knowledge on helping you re-discover your stolen sense of safety and well-being.

While treatment programmes are created on a case-by-case basis, they will include varying degrees of:

Intensive Psychotherapy: We incorporate psychotherapeutic techniques, such as trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) to help clients process the emotions associated with the traumatic event. Each client is also assigned a live-in therapist who will live in the same residence as the client and be available for emotional support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Biochemical Restoration: At Paracelsus Recovery, we are unique in the emphasis we place on biochemical restoration. We provide extensive biochemical testing to identify any chemical deficiencies or physical imbalances that are contributing to the difficult symptoms our clients are experiencing. Based on the results of these tests, we will develop a tailor-made mix of micro and macronutrients. When used in conjunction with our lifestyle and nutritional counselling, biochemical restoration can significantly reduce symptoms of psychological trauma.

The Mind-Body Relationship: Psychological trauma often lives in the body. At Paracelsus Recovery, we will help clients process their physical symptoms of trauma by incorporating relaxation therapies such as massage and yoga and holistic therapies such as acupuncture or bio-resonance therapy into our treatment programmes.


,,I am the son of a wealthy family. Unfortunately, in my business endeavours, I had found myself in a rock and a hard place. Fortunately, as I cannot go into much details regarding my difficulties, Paracelsus was there to help. If you have the resources required, I highly recommend their services. Their understanding of mental health, and the in-depth treatment they provide, which is virtually everything you would need to overcome any difficulty, I am beyond satisfied, refreshed, and feeling anew.
Thank you, Paracelsus, for your outstanding care and aptitude, and unending ingenuity.''

-  Dr. Charls Epstein