Louis Fitzmaurice

Live-in Therapist

Louis first developed his interest in psychotherapy as a young actor, during his training at LAMDA. While learning about the Living Theatre in New York and Stanislavsky, he realised his passion wasn’t acting. Instead, he wanted to understand emotional memory and how to express our innermost thoughts, feelings and selves. After spending time working with a theatre company and pioneering a psychoanalytic approach to theatre, Louis trained as a Drama therapist. Since graduating in 1996, Louis has developed his expertise in group, one-on-one and live-in therapy. He has worked in all corners of the socioeconomic spectrum, including psychiatric hospitals in London, Irish homeless shelters, and as a live-in therapist working with ultra-high-net-worth individuals in Zurich. Louis has extensive knowledge of many different psychotherapeutic techniques and has undertaken countless hours of his own personal therapy, which includes psychodynamic, addiction, relational and drama therapy. In Louis’s words, “I am passionate about my work as a therapist. I believe therapy is ultimately about the acceptance of self. Our journey through life often necessitates change – change in thinking and feeling, change in how to experience ourselves, change in our environment. Change can feel like loss or danger. I believe our role here at Paracelsus Recovery is to provide clients with a space in which the courage to change can be found.”