Jan Gerber, MSc


Jan Gerber acts as the company’s CEO and is responsible for the overall management of the organisation. He holds an MSc in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics, but he has gained vast know-how in the medical services industry through his involvement as a consultant and senior manager in several medical service providers and the build-up and management of other addictions clinics.

One of Paracelsus Recovery's podcast episodes

Jan Gerber on Youtube

Jan Gerber interviewing Beverley Knight about mental health. Beverley Knight is joined by her husband James O'Keefe. Both Beverly and James have gone through difficult and very challenging times in their lives, from childhood to their formative years in school to their adult lives.

Jan Gerber on Youtube

A candid and authentic conversation with Jan Gerber, CEO of ParacelsusRecovery and world-renowned MC, entrepreneur and personal coach Dan Ram about the importance of being a flawed human being and yet very successful.