Dr. Christine Merzeder, PhD

Senior Clinical Coordinator

Christine has extensive experience in the field of chronic conditions and addictions. Her pragmatic and warm hearted approach to care has won her the sympathy of many clients and their families. She trained as a nurse and nurse manager in Switzerland and has an MSc in Nursing and a PhD in Gerontology. In her over 35 years of leading work in healthcare management, consulting and development, she has gained her excellent reputation as a healthcare professional based on a long clinical career. Her special interest lies in the empowerment, progress and well-being of patients and their families and in bringing body and mind back together.

Main informations

She is one of the co-founders of Women in Sustainable Finance, a non-profit organization aiming to inspire women to enter the financial world and cultivate a more inclusive and sustainable industry. The relationship between sustainability and gender equality has always been at the center of Marta’s corporate ethos. Sustainable business practice is a therapeutic response to global issues. Marta aims to utilize both her experience within the corporate world and her therapeutic reaction to it, with Paracelsus Recovery’s expertise in mental health.

From october 2019 - new CEO of the company

Extensive experience in finance

Co-founder of Women in Sustainable Finance

Experience with mental health treatment