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Treatment prices

Four‑week residential treatment program

95.000 CHF /week

Our renowned residential treatment program starts with a medical assessment to analyse the biochemistry, gut health, and overall mental health state. Then we identify and treat the underlying reasons for dependencies or other disorders. Our programs include many daily sessions with our psychotherapists and psychiatrists, treatments to restore the brain’s and body’s biochemistry, and many complementary therapies. Read more...

  • 100% discretion & privacy.
  • Fully bespoke service.
  • 360-degree approach.
  • International experts.
  • Many hours of 1:1 therapy daily.
  • 24-hour live-in therapist.
  • Comprehensive medical check-ups.
  • Biochemical restoration of brain & body.
  • Private luxury residence.
  • Dedicated limousine & driver.
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Seven-day Comprehensive Health Check-Up Programme

100.000 CHF /WEEK

The Check-Up consists of numerous cutting-edge tests and delivers a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations. While on the programme you will benefit from our luxury hospitality. During your stay at our lakefront residential penthouse, a housekeeper, dedicated driver and personal chef will make sure you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

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Seven‑day executive detox

120.000 CHF

Our seven-day residential dependencies detox program includes a complete medical assessment, psychological and psychiatric treatment, a 24-hour live-in therapist, biochemical restoration, nutritional supplementation, a personal chef, maid, 5‑star service, our residential accommodation, and leisure activities. We also include a detailed report of our findings and treatment recommendations.

  • 100% discretion & privacy.
  • Many hours of therapy daily.
  • International experts.
  • 24-hour medical supervision and care.
  • 24-hour live-in therapist.
  • Comprehensive medical check-ups and laboratory tests.
  • Daily IV treatments to restore biochemistry.
  • Private Luxury Residence.
  • Dedicated Limousine & Driver.
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Three‑day comprehensive health assessment

25.000 CHF

The comprehensive health assessment includes a psychiatric evaluation, dependencies assessment, lifestyle and nutritional assessment, a medical check-up, and extensive laboratory tests to assess the brain’s and body’s biochemistry. We also provide an individualized treatment plan. The accommodation is not included.

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Entire online rehab program

50.000 CHF /week

This treatment combines the complexity and intensity of our established inpatient programs with modern technology for effective remote delivery. Programs are available for dependencies, depression, and other mental health issues.

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In rare cases, there will be medical treatments or emergencies that are not related to dependencies or mental health treatment, which will incur a separate cost. Similarly, in cases that require significant additional therapeutic resources (e.g., 24-hour presence of a psychiatrist or doctor or longer-term hospitalization), our fees will be higher. If a client has significant additional requests, such as housing and transportation for their entourage or extensive leisure activities for their family and friends, additional charges will apply. However, all such additional costs will be identified and agreed upon in advance.

If clients wish to reimburse the cost, we are happy to provide the necessary documentation although we do not work directly with any health insurance company.

The above-mentioned fees do not include the general flight or travel cost to Switzerland or London. Outpatient treatment and aftercare services are charged by the hour or the day.

Additional services

Our additional services include aftercare for your comfort and safety once you leave Paracelsus Recovery. We aim to maximize the benefit you get from your stay with us.