Tailored depression treatment programmes to meet your unique needs


At Paracelsus Recovery, we adapt our depression treatment programmes to suit your needs. That means if you do not have the energy for a full-day of treatment, then you do not have a full day of treatment. We use a 360-degree approach designed to treat your entire personhood, from mind and body to soul and cell.  Depression is interrelated to other mental health conditions and springs from an interplay between many complex factors, making our multidisciplinary treatment approach crucial.

Understanding depression

Depression is one of the most exhausting states of being that we can inhabit. We recognise that the weight of a depressive episode is such an almighty one that even getting out of bed can feel like climbing mount Everest, let alone seeking help at a treatment centre.

Depression is a mood disorder that negatively impacts how a person thinks, feels and acts. It is characterised by constant feelings of sadness and exhaustion coupled with an intense sense of apathy. The resulting sense of numbness and apathy as well as the inability to feel joy or happiness can feel overwhelming.

Depression is the number one cause of disability worldwide and occurs commonly with other mental health conditions. Studies show that people diagnosed with a mood disorder are twice as likely to become dependent on substances and are also more likely to suffer from anxiety or burnout than people without the condition.

However, we can assure you that if you are struggling with depressive symptoms – or if your loved one is, the best means at your disposal to ensure that that weight can lift is seeking out treatment. Please rest assured that recovery is possible with the right support.


Our bespoke programmes treat a variety of types of depression such as: major depressive disorder (MDD), persistent depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, psychotic depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), peripartum/postpartum depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorder and atypical depression. Depending on your specific needs, our treatment programmes typically last four to eight weeks. We also have a seven-day Executive Detox Programme available.



Each client who comes to Paracelsus Recovery for depression treatment has their own unique needs, requiring a tailored approach to recovery. By treating one client at a time and focussing the time, energy and expertise of a team of more than 15 renowned specialists on each client, we are able to offer a truly bespoke 360-degree healing experience. Our multidisciplinary treatment approach uses a unique and effective combination of psychotherapy, complementary therapies and biochemical restoration to eliminate the symptoms of depression and restore well-being. 

Biochemical testing: Treatment of the underlying causes of depression involves an in-depth biochemical analysis supervised by our functional medicine specialists.

Psychotherapy: Our core psychotherapeutic team will provide one-to-one therapy to help you develop strategies to deal with the symptoms of depression and process any underlying traumas or stressors that have led to these symptoms. You will be assigned a live-in therapist who will stay in the same residence and be available for emotional support 24/7. 

Complementary therapies: To help you process any physical stress and restore your inner sense of peace and well-being, we will also incorporate relaxation and holistic therapies such as reflexology, massage, acupuncture and yoga. 

While this multidisciplinary approach is usually effective without medication, our psychiatrist may prescribe medication in the case of severe symptoms and if deemed necessary. If treatment with antidepressants is required, we will carefully select the medication that best suits your needs based upon the results of genetic testing.


Coming to Paracelsus was the most important decision in my life..” - MF, woman from the Middle East.