A burnout can be cured if three key focus points are addressed: 

  • Physical, cellular and biochemical health has to be restored. 
  • The underlying psychological causes of the burnout (i.e. how you cope with stress on a subconscious level) must be examined. 
  • How we choose to frame the experience must be acknowledged i.e. will it be a break-through or a break-down? 

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A burnout can also be a break-through.

A burnout is a frightening experience, particularly because it is so physical. However, it is also highly treatable. At Paracelsus Recovery, our burnout treatment programmes focus on restoring your body, brain, and cellular biochemistry. Our psychotherapeutic team will help you create new ways of engaging with and relating to those underlying pressures, while our medical doctors will provide cutting-edge restorative treatments. In doing so, we can help you turn your burnout - and all of the pain and suffering it’s brought with it, into ‘that’ moment in your life which leads you to healing, health and happiness.  

Understanding Burnout

A burnout occurs when we are under so much constant stress – usually in the form of pressure either from others or ourselves, that we enter into a state of complete physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. While it is typically caused by stressful work environments or excessive responsibility, it is not exclusive to these environments. Anyone with prolonged levels of chronic stress and pressure is at risk for a burnout. 

Given the demanding nature of modern life, recognising when we're nearing the brink can be challenging. For instance, amid the pandemic, the absence of physical human interaction compounded stress levels, making burnout prevalent. However, we might not consciously perceive our heightened stress. Instead, increased alcohol consumption, frequent illnesses, or diminished self-esteem could signal the onset of burnout.

How Burnouts Affects High Achievers

Executive burnout is also particularly common among high achievers and C‑Suite executives who have trouble slowing down. Most successful business owners, executives, or those in the public eye have an unbalanced work-life ratio and endless responsibilities. They are always in action mode, which increases their likelihood of becoming burnt out. Working in a high-pressure environment, feeling like there is little control over work, a lack of time for loved ones, and too many responsibilities can all contribute to developing burnout. Personality traits such as perfectionism, a pessimistic perspective, control issues, endless ambition, and low self-esteem—all high-achieving Type-A personality traits—can also contribute to your risk. If you are unsure if you - or a loved one is suffering from burnout, our self-assessment calculator may be helpful:


While treatment will vary on a case-to-case basis, it typically involves:

  • An in-depth biochemical analysis supervised by our functional medicine specialists.
  • One-to-one therapy to help you develop strategies to deal with stress, minimise emotional burnout symptoms and process any underlying traumas or stressors
  • A live-in therapist who will stay in the same residence and be available for emotional support 24/7
  • Complementary therapies such as reflexology, massage, acupuncture or yoga.
  • Our team will act as your responsibility-support system. We will never take your phone from you or demand that you quit working while you are with us. Instead, we provide boundary implementation, emotional regulation or distancing and stress-relief techniques to help you create a toolkit for effective stress management. 

At Paracelsus Recovery, our executive burnout treatments are tailored to each client's unique needs. To do that, we perform a comprehensive medical check-up, a psychiatric evaluation, extensive laboratory testing, a functional health assessment, and a nutritional and lifestyle assessment.  With this information, we work together (i.e. with the client) to develop a comprehensive and individually tailored care plan that will help you recover from the burnout and restore your physical, psychological and cellular health. We recognise that co-occurring conditions are common with burnout, so we will ensure to address each possible root cause of your symptoms.  We only treat one client at a time, which means our team will focus solely on you. The residential treatment program lasts four weeks and you will work with our treatment team from 8 to 12 hours a day. If necessary, we can also provide aftercare. 


,,The time spent at Paracelsus Recovery is hard to overestimate. Some of the clinic's specialists speak Russian, but all treatment sessions work wonderfully through an interpreter. The treatment plan is very intense and sometimes tiring, but takes place in a comfortable and safe environment. This is not an ordinary clinic and their family approach to business is felt in every detail. I recommend this clinic to anyone who can afford it.'

Lili Paukova