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Only one client at a time, with a 15:1 team staff ratio.
A flexible treatment programme which respects your personal and professional schedule.
Welcome to Paracelsus Recovery.

Let our family care for yours

We are fully family owned and operated clinic

We are grateful to have you here

We care about you and your family

Treatment plans are driven by cutting-edge medical innovations and are tailored for each client. With a multidisciplinary team of 15+ doctors focused exclusively on you and your needs, we will make sure that your growth, health and healing happen in a way that works for you.

Exclusive environment

Where and how do we treat?

Our clients stay in one of our opulent lakefront penthouses in Zurich, Switzerland. A personal chef, butler, maid, and a dedicated limousine and driver round out the staff.

There are no other clients. For each session, all therapists and doctors will come to your home. Our fees include the cost of the residence. Some clients, however, may prefer to stay in a hotel at their own expense.

How We Can Help You

At Paracelsus Recovery, we will adapt your programme to suit your needs. That means if you do not have the energy for a full-day of treatment, then you do not have a full day of treatment. We use a 360-degree approach designed to treat your entire personhood, from mind and body to soul and cell. Depression is interrelated to other mental health conditions and springs from an interplay between many complex factors, making our multidisciplinary treatment approach crucial.


Depression is one of the most exhausting states of being that we can inhabit. We recognise that the weight of a depressive episode is such an almighty one that even getting out of bed can feel like climbing mount Everest, let alone seeking help at a treatment centre. However, we can assure you that if you are struggling with depressive symptoms – or if your loved one is, the best means at your disposal to ensure that that weight can lift is seeking out treatment.


Anxiety is a healthy and human response to frightening or stressful experiences. However, an anxiety disorder turns that response into a state of being. The doubt, worry and torment can make us feel as though we are losing our minds. However, the good news: we are not losing our minds and anxiety is highly treatable if one adopts a holistic approach. Anxiety is an all-encompassing condition that has roots in our physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. We can help you address each of these root causes. In doing so, you can be free of anxiety in a matter of weeks.


A burnout occurs when we are under so much constant stress – usually in the form of pressure either from others or ourselves, that we enter into a state of complete physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. A burnout is a frightening experience, particularly because it is so physical. However, it is also highly treatable. At Paracelsus Recovery, our burnout treatment programmes focus on restoring your body, brain, and cellular biochemistry. Our psychotherapeutic team will help you create new ways of engaging with and relating to those underlying pressures, while our medical doctors will provide cutting-edge restorative treatments.


We recognise that dependencies are a coping mechanism that bring profound levels of shame and guilt with them. That shame can imprison us in our dependency; leading us to become ever more reliant on it in order to cope with difficult emotions such as pain, fear, and stress. At Paracelsus Recovery, we can help you. Above all else – there is nothing wrong with you, and your brain is merely doing what it does; trying to cope with the tools it has. Self-compassion – above all else, is crucial.

Full Medical Check-Up

Your health is your wealth. Understanding the well-being of your mind and body is critical to maintaining a high quality of life, particularly for people who lead busy, stressful or high profile lives.  Our 7-day Comprehensive Health Check-Up will enable you to thrive, by identifying underlying issues before they become major problems, and helping you address mental or physical challenges that are holding you back. Using state-of-the-art techniques and guided by our unrivalled expertise, the programme delivers in-depth insights into every aspect of your health, in the comfort of our exclusive lakeside penthouse apartments.   

Comprehensive Treatments

Your Treatment Programme

At Paracelsus Recovery, we recognise that our recovery journey has to be as unique as our individual experiences and stories. That’s why we tailor-make each treatment programme to suit each individual client. Your programme will be evidence-based, bespoke, and adapted to you.

Using our 360-degree treatment modality, we will formulate a holistic plan that can address each and every underlying root-cause of your suffering, from the psychological and emotional right down to your cellular and genetic wellbeing. In so doing, health, happiness – and most crucially – that inner feeling of safety and security, can be restored to your life and your loved ones.

Comprehensive medical evaluation
Specialised laboratory tests
Genetic testing &
Epigenetic panels
AI-assisted diagnostics &
Lifestyle and nutritional counseling
Biochemical restoration &
Supplements, and vitamin-IV
Intermittent hypoxic hyperoxic teatment
Treatment in conjunction with Zurich's best hospitals
Psychological Assessments
Psychiatric support &
Extensive psychotherapy
Trauma-focused therapy
Psychedelic-assisted therapy &
Sleep therapies
Orthomolecular treatments
Acupuncture, reflexology, massages
Shiatsu, equine, art, and dog therapy
Breathwork &
mindfulness meditation
Spa entry at the renowned Dolder Grand Hotel


“As they leave, Gerber hands me a gift: a limited-edition Montblanc pen. “Everyone receives a personalised gift, with a meaning behind it.’ I’ll keep it as a reminder, every time I use it, to be kind to myself. We all deserve long and happy lives.”

    - Liz Jones