What is a 15:1 Team-Client Ratio & Why is it Important?

With a team of over 15 doctors and therapists focusing solely on one client at a time, Paracelsus Recovery is in a league of its own as a recovery clinic for ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) individuals. Why is this unusually high specialist to client ratio such an integral part of effective treatment for mental health conditions and dependencies?


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15 doctors and therapists to each client: is that really necessary?

This is one of the most common questions we get and with good reason – there is no other clinic in the world that uses this model. Some might even call this ratio excessive. However, we believe that this unparalleled 15:1 ratio is absolutely necessary to best support ultra-high-net-worth individuals with dependencies and mental health conditions. In this blog post, we will explain exactly why.


What is a 15:1 Team-Client ratio?

It is not strictly true to say that at Paracelsus Recovery we have a 15:1 team-client ratio. When we include the administrative team and complementary therapists, such as massage therapists and yoga instructors, the staff-client ratio rises to 20:1. When we refer to our 15:1 team-client ratio, we mean that the ratio of our medical team – which includes doctors, therapists, nurses and other specialists – to each client is 15:1. The team is composed of world-leading experts in their field and Nobel prize winners, each hand-picked based on strict criteria such as particular expertise or experience working with UHNW individuals. Together, they form a team of empathetic and highly-skilled professionals dedicated to treating each client who comes through our doors on a one-to-one basis.

It is this unusually high ratio that really sets Paracelsus apart from other high-end luxury rehabs and puts us in a class of our own; patients have a degree of round-the-clock specialist attention that allows for a deeper level of treatment than is typically possible at any other kind of rehab, even those claiming to be “high-end”.


Why is a 15:1 team-client ratio important when treating mental health issues and dependencies in UHNW individuals?

The tried and tested ways of regular treatment centres simply do not work for the ultra rich and famous. It is worth remembering that Jan Gerber created Paracelsus Recovery to meet a very specific need that was not being met; UHNW people are extraordinary people leading extraordinary lives and they require extraordinary treatment that is expertly tailored to their specific needs. Our 15:1 team-client ratio has been designed to meet those needs and stems from deeply understanding the specific obstacles that ultra-high-net-worth individuals face when it comes to seeking help for mental health issues and dependencies. Here are the reasons why this unparalleled staff to client ratio is integral to their recovery:


Highly-individual treatment

The medical staff to client ratio of 15:1 enables every therapist and doctor to work with a client on a 1:1 basis, allowing us to design and deliver an individually-tailored treatment programme rather than adopting a “one-size-fits-all” approach . Our entire team is committed to focusing on the recovery of only one client at a time, meaning we can tailor our service around their every need and be fully committed to their recovery. This sets us apart from other recovery centres, where teams are likely juggling the treatment of several clients at one time, making it extremely challenging – both logistically and by design – to provide customised treatment.


One-to-one therapy over group therapy

Clients often come to us after having unsuccessfully tried to heal at high-end clinics that use the outdated and restrictive 12-step method, which includes a significant amount of group therapy and idle time between therapy sessions. Group therapy is not suitable for UHNW individuals, who often feel unable to share freely in a group setting. At Paracelsus, having a team of over 15 specialists at our disposal for each client means we are able to work in a much more intensive and individualised manner. In practical terms, this means that our team works with each client 8-12 hours per day, rather than weekly or monthly like most other treatment providers do. This includes many hours of psychotherapy to treat the underlying causes of the dependencies or psychological issues.


24/7 healing and recovery

We recognise that many UHNW people cannot simply take a month away from work and slip away from life in the public eye. A 15:1 team to client ratio and treating only one client at a time allows us to offer the most comprehensive and intensive treatments for dependencies, eating disorders and mental health conditions anywhere in the world. This means we can get clients on the road to recovery as quickly as possible so they can get back to living their extraordinary lives. Our treatment programmes are designed to actively use each of the 24 hours in a day towards a client’s recovery. This includes a 24-hour live-in therapist so that therapy can happen as and when it is needed rather than having to wait for the designated therapy slot to come around. In fact, we find that a lot of the most effective therapy happens in the moments in between official therapy sessions, like when making a mid-morning coffee or at 3am.


Guaranteed privacy for ultra-high-net-worth individuals


People living in the public eye like CEOs of listed companies or heads of state cannot just go to a regular recovery centre where their identity may well be leaked. As our entire team is focused on one client at a time, there are no other clients around and no outsiders will ever know that a specific client is or has been with us. Great measures are taken so that anonymity can be ensured for our clients. This is a huge draw for public figures who would otherwise feel they have nowhere to turn if they need or want to keep their dependency or mental health issues private.


A truly 360-degree treatment approach


Having the undivided attention of a team of 15 specialists means we can use a comprehensive 360-degree approach that considers the whole person – mind, body and soul. We leave no stone unturned as we address every psychological and physical element that could have a bearing on our clients’ wellbeing through a comprehensive range of medical, psychological and physical assessments and treatments. On top of the intensive psychotherapy mentioned, each treatment programme includes functional medicine appointments, nutritional and lifestyle counselling and complementary therapies like yoga, massage and acupuncture, when appropriate.


Seven-star luxury

Our high staff to client ratio includes personal chefs, butlers, maids and limousine drivers, who are available at all times to meet clients’ every need. We offer our treatment programmes in an exclusive setting that UHNW individuals are accustomed to and feel at home in: either a private luxury penthouse or luxury apartments or villas. Providing a luxurious environment that feels familiar to our clients, complete with a dedicated team of staff, ensures that they feel as comfortable as possible, which increases their chances of a full recovery.

In summary, it is our extraordinary staff to client ratio of more than 15:1 that sets Paracelsus Recovery apart from other high-end recovery clinics and makes unparalleled treatment and healing for our clients possible.


If you are suffering from a mental health condition or dependency, please know that support is available. Our treatment programmes are designed with the unique needs of UHNW individuals in mind and our dedicated team are here to restore your wellbeing as quickly and effectively as possible. You can contact us anytime.